UNITER Members

UNITER is the professional association of people working in the theatre industry, founded as a result of free association between theatre professionals.

Anyone working in the theatre industry may become members of UNITER: actors, directors, scenographers, composers, choreographers, theatre critics.

According to its Articles of Association, the main purpose of UNITER is to promote the professional, material and moral interests of its members.

UNITER has a number of 1.900 members.

The UNITER members decide upon the UNITER executive committee during the General Assembly, which is held every four years in order to elect: the President, the Vice-President, the members of the Uniter Senate and the Auditing Commission.

All UNITER members may file requests for finance from UNITER for the different projects they are involved in. the requests are analyzed by the UNITER Senate, which decides whether or not the grant shall be awarded, and the amount of money for each request.

The UNITER membership is awarded by the UNITER Senate, following the analysis of membership requests.

UNITER members pay a monthly subscription of 10 lei.