The UNITEXT publishing house, the only editorial structure in Romania focusing on theatre exclusively, was founded and registered as a UNITER publishing house in 1993 by the critic Marian Popescu, aiming at supporting the development of written drama under the circumstances of a foreseeable collapse of books of and about theatre, given the economical context after 1989. Starting from the premise that it is important for Romanian theatre to also have a written cultural foundation, by the coherent and scheduled publication of different titles, albums, etc., the Theatre Union in Romania, by virtue of its Articles of association, assumed the role of supporting this important segment of national written culture – theatre book – and the UNITEXT publishing house is the instrument with which this provision is put into practice.

The publishing house was conceived as a specifically distinct structure of the Theratre Union in Romania. It des not function as a legal entity of its own, it works as a department within UNITER, with its economical activity being carried out through the Union’s complex structure.