About us

The Romanian Association of Theatre Artists – UNITER – is a professional, apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organization, resulted from the free association of artists from the theatre industry.

The founding principles of this professional organization were the freedom of expression, of creation and association, the right to autonomy, the right to express oneself freely within the national and international cultural medium, an opening free of complexes towards world culture and, without a doubt, the defense of common interests of the many kinds of professionals working in the theatre industry. Although it was not meant to have a deliberate union structure, the UNITER statute also includes a well-built social component.

UNITER was founded in February 1990, and it has had a continuous activity for 30 years (1990 – 2020). As a consequence of its sustained activity, UNITER has obtained the statute of an establishment of public service by the Decision of Government no. 746 / 31 August 2000.