FNT 2008 – a theatrical explosion in Bucharest!

FNT 2008 - a theatrical explosion in Bucharest!

FNT 2008 – a theatrical explosion in Bucharest!

FNT 2008 – a theatrical explosion in Bucharest!

The 18th edition of the National Theatre Festival (FNT) brings some truly exceptional shows on the theatre scenes in Bucharest. Between November 1-10, FNT will delight its audience with an “explosion” of valuable shows, both national and international, thus creating a complex image of the contemporary theatre market. Besides highlighting the latest news in the field, starting with this edition FNT will present the young directors who had their debut over the past year, as well as bring the audience closer to the show, by organizing a series of special events. .

The 2008 edition of FNT is structured into three catgories: Romanian Showcase, International Voices and New Entry. The Romanian Showcase section includes shows which can easily represent Romanian theatre abroad. Along with the Romanian audience, international promoters, festival and theatre managers from all over the world were also invited to see them, with the purpose of including them in the program of the events they run. .

The New Entry category is meant to represent the shows of some young and very young directors and stage managers who are now dealing with their first theatrical production. This year, the category includes 7 debuts capable of maintaining the high tonus of the theatrical movement in Romania.

The International Voices (guest shows from abroad) bring together, during the same event, different theatrical realities from France, Russia, Great Britain, Germany and Latvia. “FNT 2008 will include international directors and theatre companies which trace the new trends in world theatre; their shows were nominated for or even awarded some important European prizes, and they were included in many other famous festivals. By inviting names such as Richard Foreman, Kama Ginkas, Alvis Hermanis, Rimini Protokoll, Joel Pommerat, Lev Erenburg, Romanian theatre joins the theatre circuit of the present. We hope that the expectations of the audience will be greater once they see these shows, and the Romanian artists will be able to connect to the world theatre and set new reference points for themselves”, stated the artistic manager of the event, theatre critic Cristina Modreanu.

The FNT 2008 offer is completed by a list of special sections – Dance Showcase (in collaboration with the National Dance Centre), New Entry (in collaboration with the Comedy Theatre) and Indie Nights (in collaboration with Teatrul „Luni” from Green Hours).

Besides the New Entry section, the news introduced by the 2008 edition also include the editing of a magazine of the National Theatre Festival, Scena.ro, the organization of workshops for theatre professionals, the launching of the project Theatre Market (Piaţa de teatru) and the re-launching of the FNT website (www.fnt.ro).

The shows will be hosted by several theatres in Bucharest (“I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Odeon Theatre, the Comedy Theatre, ”Nottara” Theatre, “Ion Creangă” Theatre and the “Ion Dacian” Comic Opera Theatre).

The “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre plays an important and traditional part, hosting the shows of the National Theatre Festival in all its rooms.

The FNT workshops, conferences and meetings will take place at UNATC, the books will be launched at Cărtureşti Bookstore, the dance shows will be held at the National Dance Centre, and most of the shows included in the Indie Nights section will be performed at Teatrul LUNI from Green Hours.

The National Theatre Festival is an event financed by the Ministry of Culture and Cults, together with Bucharest City Hall and produced by the Romanian Association of Theatre Artists (UNITER).

For more details regarding the guest shows invited to FNT 2008, their program and ticket prices, please visit www.fnt.ro.