Artists in context

This program addresses young artists aged between 18 and 25, and has been implemented for more than six years together with the European volunteer Service. An artistic project with powerful social implications  – developed over 6 months – is carried out as part of the project. By taking part in and developing local projects, the artist is involved in various forms of social participation. The objectives of the program are: discovering new territories, living new experiences, comparing different artistic approaches, developing new forms of artistic acts. It supports and promotes young artists who invent new forms of expression, re-establishing the place of the artist within the society.

The selection of the candidates is based on the quality of the artistic project and it feasibility, its adaptability to the receiving residence or structure. The candidates selected by a jury of artists and experts are given an award for their artistic creation and a study grant for the program Artists against exclusion. The artist has complete freedom regarding the choice of the artistic form of expression (dance, theatre, music, photography, visual arts, street art, design, multimedia, circus performance).