UNITER develops its activity based on projects and programs, the common principle of all professional organizations throughout the world.

The projects and programs are as follows:

  • Projects/programs to promote theatrical productions at a high artistic level and valuable works of national drama.
  • Direct activities in show business or related to it.
  • Activities related to professional development.
  • Protection activities.

The activity of the Theatre Union in Romania is decided upon by the UNITER SENATE, made up of theatre personalities from all over the country and elected by the General Assembly of the UNITER.

The coordination of all UNITER activities is ensured by the executive management consisting of a President, elected by the General Assembly, and an executive vice-president, elected by the President.

The following departmental structures function within UNITER:

  • UNITEXT Publishing House
  • Department for programs and projects
  • Department for development
  • PR and promotion department

As an active national and cultural factor, by the projects and programs which are annually under way, UNITER is involved in the support and development of Romanian theatre, and in rendering the national and world cultural heritage more valuable. It follows the implementation of a national theatrical strategy and the updating of the relationship between Theatre and Society by an ample and innovative process.

By the data it holds and brings into circulation, UNITER is a major source of specialized information. Its dynamic and varied strategy gives the organization the character of a national representation centre for Romanian theatre.