According to Law nr. 35/1994, amended by Government Ordinance 123/2000, Law 121/2002, and Decree nr. 2843/2003, the amassed funds are to be used in supporting a number of cultural projects of national interest:  the participation in performing and creative contests in and outside the country;  promoting events with Romanian participation abroad; encouraging and protecting theatrical art; providing partial subsidy for young creating or performing artists and other theatrical employees; the hands-on funding of retired artists; subsidizing expert magazines issued by unions of artists;  supporting the dissemination of genuine art in the (inter)national circuit;  rendering homage to the memory of great figures in Romanian and minorities’ culture, both in the country and abroad; capitalizing on  the Romanian folklore and ethnographic patrimony; financially supporting shows featuring works of art belonging to Romanian artists of representatives of the minorities; (partially) subsidizing the prizes and awards for creative artists and performers.