National Campaign “Artists for Artists”

The National Campaign “Artists for Artists” was started in 2002 with the aim of sensitizing the public opinion in view of raising funds for the elder artists dealing with health and living problems throughout the country.

The Campaign takes place every year, between March and April, this period being defined as one of theatrical solidarity, taking into account that March 27 is the World Theatre Day.

“Artists for Artists” was founded not only as a financial support, but also as a stimulator of artistic solidarity and as a signal for the theatre audience and the authorities.

The theatre solidarity component is ensured by the participation of artists to the creation of a charity show, which represents the climax of the fund raising campaign, and also through the participation of theatre and artistic institutions in Romania, which collaborate with UNITER throughout the year.

Beyond the guild solidarity, UNITER also tried to develop the component involving the sensitization of public opinion by attracting financer partners, donors, services, sponsorships, etc., a component which managed to grow over the past few years, so as to make the “Artists for Artists” program possible due to the already established partnerships.