Beneficiaries and members of the commission

The beneficiaries are residents from throughout the country, retired artists members of UNITER, deling with major health and living problems, with small incomes and fragile health. The selection of the persons who are to be helped is based on a request file containing medical proof of the state of health, proof of income (pension ticket) and the recommendation of the provenance theatre. The files are analyzed by a social commission which includes a general practitioner. The artists who benefit from this financial help are retired people aged 60 to 80, who practically depend on the funds collected by UNITER National Campaign “Artists for Artists” in order to survive, since many of them have no family or any other support.
A social commission alayses the cases and the accompanying proof, evaluates the financial quota to be offered and distributes the sums to the artists with problems.

Members of the commission:

  • dr. Alexandru Cociasu, qualified doctor, internal diseases
  • Mugur Arvunescu, representative of the Trade Union of performing arts institutions;
  • Ion Caramitru, President of UNITER;
  • Sanda Manu, director
  • Mariana Mihut, actress
  • Ilinca Tomoroveanu, actress
  • Emil Boroghina, actor