Program Sections

  1. Presentation of fragments of drama, previously prepared. The annual themes included three optional subjects: a fragment of drama, a lyrical or narrative text, a subject taken from visual arts. (In 2002, the proposed subjects were: a fragment from the play “Victor or the children in power” by Roger Vitrac, the Book of Genesis, The Old Testament, Book II, Verses 15-23, Rene Magritte’s painting: “Memories of a saint”).
  2. Transversal workshops
    Several workshops were organized in parallel and functioned based on the same reflection theme. The workshops brought together artists belonging to different groups. The componence of a group was previously established by the organizing team. Each workshop had the task to create a brief theatrical moment which was to be presented to all the participants at the “Brussang Meetings”.
    This workshop aimed at offering the young participants the chance to work together and to deal with:
    – the difficulty of communication to achieve a common activity (a 10 minute improvisation);
    – sharing responsibilities within a mini-group created on the spot;
    – the necessity to cooperate (unification of heterogenous points of view);
  3. Agora
    Small groups of discussion were organized; each group had an animator, who encouraged personal interventions in the debate from every participant. Agora tries to analyse the discussions around some key-questions which served as a starting point for the initiators of the “Brussang Meetings”: “Why are you passionate about theatre? When you act, what do you communicate to the others about you, your group, your country?”.
    Coordination and exchange of information
    Each group had teo responsibles: an artistic one and an administrative one
    The information regarding the group’s activity, its members, the working conditions in the country of origin, the working methodology, the aesthetic choices were presented to all the participants with the help of some specially-designes spaces (exhibition panels) during the development of the entire project.