Meetings of 2004

Tuesday, 25 January, 16:30 – „Horizon and height”. Guests: pianist Ilinca Dumitrescu, actress Simona Bondoc, bassoonist Vasile Macovei.

Thursday, 20 February, 16:30 – Discution about the great European prince Stephen the Great. Guests: actor Florin Piersic and historian Filip Iorga.

Friday, 26 March, 16:30 – The Value of traditional Romanian architecture. Guests: architect Elena Iliescu, archeologist Vasile Boroneant and ethnologists Cristina Struteanu and Costel Niculescu; the publishing of the latest book by architect Silvia Paun; Message on the International Theatre Day.

Tuesday, 27 April, 16:30 – A Journey in the universe of the poets from “The Literary Circle”: St.Aug.Doinas, Radu Stanca, Dominic Stanca, Ioanichie Olteanu, Al. Andritoiu and in the universe of the

American composer George Gershwin. Guests: poet Ion Horea, actress Genoveva Preda, graduates of the vocal music class of soprano and university professor Silvia Voinea, PhD.

Friday, 25 June, 17:00 –Cultural Circle. Guests: actresses Maia Morgenstern and Olga Delia Mateescu, priest Serban Tarziciu, lecturer in Biblical sciences at the Mother Theresa Catholic Institutein Bucharest, architect Elena Iliescu and Costion Nicolescu.

Tuesday, 9 November, 17.00 – Cultural Circle. Special guest: Corina Chiriac.

Thursday, 25 November, 17:00 – „A family Chronicle, the Cazaban”. Guests: historian Filip Iorga, critic Jean Cazaban, actresses Tatiana Iekel, Cristina Deleanu and Alexandrina Halic.

Tuesday, 14 December, 17:00 – „Holiday Spirit”, an evening of music and poetry. Guests: actress Tatiana Iekel and soprano and university professor Silvia Voinea, PhD, together with her students.