The National Alliance of Artists‘ Unions in Romania – ANUC represents the largest form of association of a federative type including the organizations of professional creators and performers of art. As a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization, ANUC functions as a medium / panel for discussion, reciprocal information and action of the member unions, in view of achieving some objectives of common interest.

ANUC intends to achieve the following:

  1. defend the status of creators and performers of art
  2. promote a genuine public and political recognition of professional artists and of their part in the transforming the society and integration of the country within the euro-Atlantic structures
  3. promote the member unions of creators as representative organizations at a national level
  4. participate in the reform process of the legal and financial framework in the field of  arts and culture
  5. represent and support the interests of professional artists and their forms of association in front of the central and local authorities – responsible for political and administrative decisions with implications on the spiritual, political, economical and social climate in which professional artists are formed and create, and in which their public image is constituted – the media and other generators of opinions, representatives of the civil society in Romania
  6. represent and support the member unions at an international level, to create that opening up to discussion and dialogue between professional artists and political, cultural and professional artists’ organizations.

UNITER is a founding member of ANUC