Culture Action Europe

This is an organization which takes action at a European level, representing the interests of thousands of artists and cultural organizations.
UNITER is a member of this association which is open to any cultural organization (local, regional, national or European) which wants to find out what is happening in culture at a European level, and to take part in European projects. Culture Action Europe brings together members from all artistic domains: theatre, dance, music, visual arts, cultural management, socio-cultural activities, cultural training, broadcasting of cultural information, all with the hope that cultural cooperation really matters in Europe.

Culture Action Europe exists to strengthen the role of art and culture in Europe’s sustainable development.

Culture Action Europe believes that a concentrated European action may have a positive contribution to the development of arts and culture by financing projects, facilitating working conditions, ensuring the free circulation of artists, goods and services from this domain  and by protecting this unique cultural diversity from the European cultural space.