New titles published by Unitext

New titles published by UNITEXT Publishing House. The volume Plays is out now (The Future Sounds Good by Gianina Carbunariu; Mautocatamdisparut by Bodo Viktor), a bilingual (Romanian-Hungarian) edition, Biblioteca TAMper2 Series. The volume was published in collaboration with “Andrei Mureşanu” Theatre from Sfântu Ghorghe, as part of the TAMper2 theatre project, second edition, September 2008. Two books from the FNT Series are being prepared for publishing, a project which is part of the National Theatre...

In Memoriam Stefan Iordache

  In Memoriam ŞTEFAN IORDACHE I am aware that us, actors Have to pay for this continuous game Of life and death.” said Ştefan Iordache in his poem “Playing with Art”, knowing that he loved art and life passionately, understanding their tumult until nothing was left undiscovered, until the truth was revealed in its ultimate simplicity. For the great Ştefan Iordache was searching for simplicity and he felt at ease at Gruiu, where he found...

UNITER si Radio Romania va invita la teatru

(Română) UNITER, partenerul Societăţii Române de Radiodifuzine, sprijină Campania „Radio România vă invită la teatru”, din cadrul proiectului „Radio România 80”, proiect care se derulează pe posturile naţionale şi teritoriale de radio în perioada 1 octombrie – 1 noiembrie 2008, fiind dedicat împlinirii a 80 de ani de existenţă a Societăţii Române de Radiodifuziune.

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