Book of condolence – Ion Caramitru

Farewell, Ion Caramitru!

A unique personality of the contemporary art, culture and history has just left us. A man of great moral strength, an Artist endowed with an all-round gift, a powerful conscience of unique magnitude, who knew how to perceive time, fathom it and follow the right path. He knew how to fight for his ideals, how to reify and defend them, without receding from his principles. A seductive, irresistible, charismatic presence, displaying a noble, refined elegance. But above all, a MAN, a LEADER, a CONSTRUCTOR, a CREATOR with an astounding vision.

Ion Caramitru’ s passing away leaves an immense void whose proportions will be obvious in time. Only then will the amplitude of his personality, its unusual dimensions settle into shape. Only then will the real dimension of our loss be disclosed…

In this digital book of condolence, everyone has the opportunity to say goodbye, in their own personal way, to Ion Caramitru.

May God give him Light, peace, rest, according to the beauty of his soul and to all his accomplishments!

And to us, the power to keep and carry them forward.

Your message of condolence

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    Book of condolence

    With Ion Caramitru´s passing away the Romanian and world performing arts communities lose am extraordinary creative, innovative and distinguished friend. I highly appreciate what he has done for the artists in his country, for UNITER, for the Romanian Centre of ITI and for the international exchange between artists. For me, he was an outstanding “mover” and demonstrated his courage when he was fighting for the freedom from suppression in his country. Dear Ion, I wish you farewell. Your image as a personality with imagination and an ability to make your vision happen will be preserved forever. With lots of thanks and lots of love, Tobias Biancone, Director-General, International Theatre Institute ITI (Tobias Biancone)

    Je veux adresser mes condoléances les plus vives à la famille de Ion Caramitru, à ses nombreux amis, à l’ensemble du milieu théâtral roumain et à tout le peuple de son pays qui doit être en deuil de cet immense artiste. (Michel Vaïs)

    When an artist whose vision has vast and immense impact is felt in the veins of his nation and the world of theatre, we celebrate his crossing for the great legacy he has left with us. May he join the great artists before him in the Divine arena, as we the living continue the artistic task of expressing truth, justice, and freedom. (Anton Juan, Director and Playwright)

    Sentite condoglianze alla famiglia. La Romania e l’Europa hanno perso un uomo di grande spessore teatrale e politico. (Giorgia Karvunaki)

    I am very sorry to hear of Ion’s passing. He was a fine actor and an inspiration at the time of the revolution. He has many friends in the UK who will mourn for him, as I do. (John Elsom)

    Ion, you made our time working in the National Theatre’s of Bucharest & Craiova quite remarkable. And taking you to buy jeans in London was also quite remarkable! So many memories of a dear Romanian friend whom we shall miss in so many ways. Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest…(Faynia Williams)

    A l’occasion du décès de Monsieur Ion Caramitru, ancien Ministre de la Culture de Roumanie, j’exprime mes sincères condoléances. M.Caramitru a visité le Luxembourg en décembre 1997 et les projets de conservation du patrimoine architectural ont été initiés. Les relations culturelles entre le Luxembourg et la Roumanie ont été renforcées et de nombreux projets communs ont pu être réalisés depuis. Homme de théâtre réputé, la disparition de Ion Caramitru laissera un grand vide dans la scène culturelle internationale.
    Mes hommages et mes remerciements à cette personnalité extraordinaire. (Erna Hennicot Schoepges – Ministre honoraire de la Culture Luxembourg)

    Lord Hamlet, Mr. Caramitru, is it really true?! „The rest is silence,…”?!
    Then, I have to follow the Shakespearean text but with a real great sadness :
    „Good night sweet prince:
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!”(DARVAY NAGY Adrienne)

    I met Ion when I established and ran the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH) in Brussels between 1994 and 1998. He hosted me and my husband at UNITER during a private visit to Romania in 1995 or 1996 and showed us some of his favorite places. His warmth, wonderful hospitality and aura will forever remain with us. RIP. (Christina Sleszynska)