European Meetings in Bussang

Romania has been a part of this project since 2000, the participation of our country being organized by UNITER, in partnership with the ministry of Culture and Cults and Rapsodia European Cultural Centre.

The Association “Les des Théatrales Jeunes en Europe” initiated this project in 1994. At present, the European Meetings in Bussang are an integrant part of a European program adimistered by the Council of Europe.

The title of the program is “European cultural itineraries / Performing arts, European identities” and it promotes the awareness among young artists of belonging to European cultural and historical values.

The program takes place every year in Bussang, Loraine region, France, and lasts for five days.

Each national theatre group takes part in the project.

The group was elected by the national partner and accepted by the French organizer.