1998 edition

Costinesti September 1 – 4, 1998

“The territory offered, daring to be yourself, and the courage to experiment the bravery of keeping them in the respect of theatrical tradition through and beside the others the risk of being a winner, a loser, or ignored.”

An invitation for the candidates: to assume their own destiny, for the audience: to become the active witnesses of the first steps taken by a new generation on an ancient road which is nevertheless full of new surprises”

Cornel Todea

Manager of the HOP Gala


  • Tudor Marascu, director
  • Doina Modola, theatre critic
  • Stefan Iordache, actor
  • Mircea Rusu, actor
  • Cornel Todea, director

Contestants in the individual section

  • PAVEL BARTOS – “A Dream Invented by the Night” („Un vis scornit de noapte“) by W. Shakespeare
  • DANA TRIFAN – “Tyll Ulenspiegel“  after Charles de Coster
  • RUSLAN BIRLEA – Harlequin monologue – “Please, buy me!” („Va rog, cumparati-ma!“)
  • ADA MILEA – “A Eulogy for Madness” or “Discourse on the Praise of Stupidity” („Elogiu nebuniei“ sau „Discurs despre lauda prostiei“) by Erasmus of Rotterdam
  • MIHAI RADU BARANGA – the part Launce in “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” („Doi tineri din Verona“) by W. Shakespeare
  • LILIANA DALU –  “Mrs Grundy” („Gura lumii“), a collage of folkloric texts – WINNER
  • DELIA PATRASCANU – “Gitl Purischevich“ by Shalom Alehem
  • MIHAI MOTOIU – “On the Field” (“La arie“) after Marin Preda
  • NECULAI SIRITANU – collage of texts written by Ioan Grosan and Tudor Musatescu
  • ION BECHET – “Oh, World” („Lume, lume“) collage
  • NUAMI DINESCU – collage of texts written by Ion Baiesu

Contestants in the group section

  • “On a bench in the park…” („Intr-un parc pe o banca…“) by Aleksandr Ghelman, starring: MIRELA NITA, SEBASTIAN LUPU
  • “Pacala and the Priest“ a collection of folkloric texts, starring: VASILE TOMA, DAN TUDOR –WINNER
  • “The Hunchback’s Prank” („Farsa cocosatilor“) after Anton Pann, directed by Grigore Gonta, starring: MIHAI MOTOIU, ALEXANDRU ANTONIU, RADITA CRISTINA ROSU, ISABELA LIRIA IACUPOVICI, MIHNEA ALEXANDRU TRUSCA
  • “The Bank” („Banca“) by Theodora Herghelegiu, starring:  DANA VOICU, MONICA MARIANA EFTIMIU, ILDIKÓ ANTÁL