2002 edition

Mangalia, August 31 – September 2, 2002

„HOP”: a challenge. Double meaning.
„Hop”: a challenge addressed to young professional actors every year, to engage in an open confrontation with their colleagues from the same generation.
„Hop”: a challenge to assume one’s own destiny.
„Hop”: a challenge for the audience, through the repertoire, through the theatrical language it shapes itself.
„Hop”: an adventure. Why take the risk of going on an adventure? Because of the inner necessity to have a dialogue with your contemporaries… Because of the imperative need to get into contact… because you are convinced you have something to say.
„Hop”: it’s a state of the mind. A chance offered every year to some new voices to make them known, to color the wold of theatre with brighter colors.
Cornel Todea
Manager of the HOP Gala

Final jury

  • Felix Alexa, director
  • Cristina Modreanu, theatre critic
  • Ştefan Iordache, actor
  • Emilia Popescu, actress
  • Cornel Todea, director

Contestants in the individual section

  • GHEORGHE LAZAR – “Daily and Nightly Chronicles” („Cronici din toate zilele, cronici din toate noptile“) by Xavier Durringer
  • MIRELA OPRISOR – “The Lady with the Dog” („Doamna cu catelul“) by Eugen Ionescu –WINNER
  • ROMEO IOAN – “A Fool’s Notes” („Însemnarile unui nebun“) by Gogol
  • MONICA FLORESCU – Salome in “Salome“ by Oscar Wilde
  • LUIZA TEODORA MĂLĂŞINCĂ – “The Human Voice” („Vocea umană“) after Jean Cocteau
  • ALEXANDRU PAVEL – “The Hammer” („Ciocanul“) by Gil Pildoux
  • MARIA LAVINIA PETRE – “The Letter” („Scrisoarea“) written and directed by herself
  • LORENA CIUBIOTARU – “Decomposition” („Descompunere“) after “Mountain embers” („Jar de munte”) by Peter Turrini, the part of Jasmine
  • MARIAN POPESCU – “April 1st” (1 aprilie“) by I.L.Caragiale – WINNER
  • IULIANA MARGARIT – “15 minutes with N.K.“ by Theodora Herghelegiu

Contestants in the group section

  • “I Whistle whenever I feel like whistling” („Eu când vreau sa fluier, fluier“) by Andreea Vălean, directed by Stefan Velniciuc, starring: GHEORGHE LAZAR, VASILE CALOFIR, PAUL LAURENTIU LUCACI, ADRIANA NICOLAE, LIVIU VLAD, VIOREL COJANU
  • Act 3 from “The Belgrad Trilogy” („Trilogie belgradeană“) by Biljana Srbljanovic, directed by Cristian Theodor Popescu, starring: RADITA CRISTINA ROŞU, BOGDAN DUMITRACHE, DRAGOŞ BUCUR
  • “Waste” („Deşeuri“) after “Decomposed theatre” („Teatru descompus“) by Matei Vişniec, directed by Ana Mărgineanu, starring: CIPRIAN NICOLĂIASA, ISABELA NEAMŢU, COSMIN OVIDIU SELEŞI – WINNER

Starting with the 2002 edition, UNITER add the “Sica Alexandrescu” Award, the Special Award of the Jury, to the awards of the Young Actor’s Gala.
This award represents Mrs. Aurelia Alexandrescu’s contribution to theis reserved competition.