2005 edition

Mangalia, September 2 – 5, 2005
“HOP Gala
a chance to know yourself
a chace to make yourself known by the others
a chance to outdo yourself
why NOT
A territory of HERESY?
A land of REVOLT?
A land of CHALLENGES? “
Cornel Todea
Manager of the HOP Gala

Final jury

  • Theodora Herghelegiu – director, member
  • Stefan Iordache – actor, member
  • Cristina Modreanu – theatre critic, member

Contestants in the Individual section

  • ADELA COSMINA LAZAR – “Flash back“
  • ALIN CONSTANTIN FLOREA – “Nothing but a Human Being” („Un om, un simplu om“) collage after Mimi Branescu and Slawomir Mrozek
  • ANCA CONSTANTIN – “Because I’m Afraid” („Pentru ca mi-e frica“) after Frederic Beigbeder
  • BOGDAN IOAN SARATEAN – “To Live in Peace” („De Haladuiala“) by Victor Dragan
  • BORIS ADRIAN GAZA – “The Persians” („Persii“) by Aeschyllus
  • CORINA DRAGOMIR – “The Man and the Flower” („Barbatul si Floarea“), poems by Floarea Ţuţuianu (collage).
  • CRISTINA FLUTUR – “The Human Voice” („Vocea umana“) after Jean Cocteau
  • CRISTINA MARIA VOICU – “A Clinical Case” („Un caz clinic“) by Dino Buzzati
  • CRISTINA STOLERIU – “Because so much…” („Fiindca atât de mult…“) (Author unknown)
  • DENIS STEFAN – “A Diferent Story” („O alta poveste“) collage after texts by W. Shakespeare
  • GABRIEL CALINESCU – „Sex, Drugs & Rock’n Roll“ by Eric Bogosian – The Sica Alexandrescu Award
  • LORENA LUPU – “The Autograph” („Autograful“) by Aldo Nicolai
  • MARIA NICOLA – “That’s Me!” („Asta-s eu!”) collage after I.L. Caragiale and Bella Ahmadulina –WINNER
  • MIHAI FILIP ODANGIU – “A Fool’s Notes” („Insemnarile unui nebun“) after N.V. Gogol
  • OCTAVIAN STRUNILA – “The Film Director” („Regizorul de film“), collage of texts after Costel Bruma – WINNER
  • RAMONA IACOV – “Stave” („Portativ“), collage from W. Shakespeare, N. Gogol and T. Gersao
  • TONI TECUCEANU – “On Women” („Despre femei“), adaptation after a fragment from “The Most Beloved Man on Earth” („Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni“) by Marin Preda.

Contestants in the Group section

  • “The Emigres” („Emigrantii“) by S. Mrozek, starring: IONUT SEBASTIAN BALAN, COSMIN GABRIEL ENACHE
  • “Guf’s Country” („Tara lui Guf“) by Matei Visniec, starring: MADALINA CIOBANUC, COSMIN BREHUTA
  • “The Assassin’s Hygiene” („Igiena asasinului“) by Amelie Nothomb, starring: MIHAI FILIP ODANGIU, CAMELIA CURUTIU, CATALIN CODREANU, IONUT BOGDAN CARAS – The Timica Award
  • “A and B“ by Puiu Jipa, starring: ADINA STAN, MARIA NICOLA – WINNER

The jury for the INDIVIDUAL preselection was formed of  Mihai Dinvale, Silviu Jicman and Cornel Todea, and the jury for the GROUP section was formed of  Mircea Cornisteanu, Claudiu Goga and George Mihaita.
The compulsory event for all the participants in the Individual section consists in a personal interpretation – no longer than 10 minutes – of the story “Phone Strike” (Greva Telefoanelor’) by Dino Buzatti. The text was published in the volume “Dino Buzatti’s Most Beautiful Stories” („Cele mai frumoase povestiri“ – Dino Buzatti), Polirom Publishing House, 2005.