2007 edition

Mangalia, September 1 – 4, 2007

“Why „HOP“?
…because you go over a threshold.
Why go over it?
            …to get closer to yourself.
…to know yourself better.
Who wants that?
…Whoever is not afraid of his own limits.
            Who takes a risk.
What kind of risk?
            To win or to lose.
What do you risk when you win?
            You risk losing.
Losing what?
            Your head!
P.S. Best of Luck to all the brave ones who will get together for HOP 2007“
Cornel Todea
Manager of the HOP Gala


  • Felix Alexa – director
  • Andreea Bibiri – actress
  • Alexandru Berceanu – director
  • Florin Fieroiu – choreographer
  • Cristina Modreanu – theatre critic


  • IOANA LACRAMIOARA BRECEA – “At a venture” („La noroc”) after Franz Xaver Kroetz
  • PATRICIA MOGA – “Gathering Bullets in Bagdad” („La cules de gloante prin Bagdad”), translated and adapted by herself after “Baghdad Burning” by Riverbend
  • AXEL MOUSTACHE – “Sand in the Breast Pocket” („Nisip in buzunarul de la piept”) by Victor Dragan – The „Generatia Asteptata” Award
  • DANA PANCU – “These Hypocritical Fools” („Acesti nebuni fatarnici”) by Teodor Mazilu
  • VICTORIA DICU – “A Useless Prayer” („O rugaciune de prisos”) by George Astalos
  • ANIELA PETREANU – “Are you Getting on at the First Stop?” („Va urcati la prima?”) by Teodora Herghelegiu –The Sica Alexandrescu Award
  • VLAD DRAGULESCU – “Go on and say it!” („Zi odata!”) collage from “Romeo and Julieta” by W. Shakespeare, “Clown Wanted” („Angajare de clown”) by Matei Visniec and “Iona” by Marin Sorescu
  • SIMINA COJOCARU – “A Clown’s Song” („Un cantec de clovn”) after Jonas Gardell –The Maria Filotti Award
  • CRISTINA RAGOS – “Merde” by Yoshvani Medina
  • CRISTINA TEODORA TUDOSE – “The Strongest” („Cea mai puternica”) by August Strindberg
  • RADU IACOBAN – “Filth” („Mizerie”), after „Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” by Eric Bogosian –WINNER
  • ANA MACOVEI – “Small Things” („Lucruri mici”) by Gabriel Pintilei – WINNER, The Timica Award
  • ANDREEA RAICA – collage: Michael Tremblay – fragment from “The Goodwives”(„Cumetrele”), Eugen Ionescu – fragment from “I” („Eu”) – “Lateral”


  • “The Lesson” („Lectia”) by Eugen Ionesco, directed by: Octavian Jighirgiu, starring: LAURA BILIC, OVIDIU IVAN, LOREDANA IORDACHE, DUMITRU RUSU
  • “Waiting” („In asteptare”), directed by Dan Lupu, starring: LILIANA FARCAS, SORANA HUIDAN, CASIANA SUTEU, DAN LUPU, TUDOR MUNTEANU – WINNERS
  • “The Electric Angel” („Ingerul Electric”) by Radu Macrinici, directed by Gelu Badea, starring: GEORGE COSTIN, SEBASTIAN BADARAU, SORIN MIRON, GABRIELA DEL PUPO, ARIANA PRESAN
  • “The Inheritance” („Mostenirea”) by Marivaux, directed by Lucia Muresan, assistant director: George Grigore, choreography: Anca Iorga, costumes: Maria-Antoaneta Tudor and Simona Fabian, starring: DORIN IONESCU, MARIA-ANTOANETA TUDOR, SIMONA FABIAN, CATALIN CIURDAR, XENIA ALINA GRIGORE, CALIN RADULESCU