The Poetry Workshop

Project developed between 2004 and 2005 at the “Mihai Eminescu” Memorial in Ipoteşti.
It is the only poetry workshop in the country, addressing young actors, carried out with the help of specialists, creators of both poetry and theatre.
The workshop consists in teaching an advanced course of poetry, combining theory with application.
The workshop resulted in the production of a show entitled “Honorable figures of poetry”, staged in Ipoteşti, as well as in Botoşani, Bucharest and Santa Severina (in 2005).

The show was staged to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the birth of Mihai Eminescu. The script was conceived by the poet Ilie Constantin, and the direction of the show belongs to Ion Caramitru. The show includes representative poems from the volumes of the 13 poets who won the National Poetry Award (opera omnia): Mihai Ursachi, Gellu Naum, Cezar Baltag, Petre Stoica, Ileana Mălăncioiu, Ana Blandiana, Ştefan Aug. Doinaş, Mircea Ivănescu, Cezar Ivănescu, Constanţa Buzea, Emil Brumaru, Ilie Constantin, Angela Marinescu.
Cast of the show: Raluca Oprea, Vasile Calofir, Corina Dragomir, Judeu Eliza Noemi, Alexandru Pavel, Silvia Rusan, Florin Aioniţoaei, Iulian Postelnicu, Carmen Lopazan.




Ipoteşti Memorial – “Mihai Eminescu” National Study Centre


The Ministry of Culture and Cults through the National Cultural Fund, Ipoteşti Memorial, UNITER