In search of existentialist theatre

“In search of existentialist theatre” is an international research and improvement workshop of performing arts, based on the method of interdisciplinary research. The workshop is held by Prof. Dr. David Esrig from “Athanor” Academy of Dramatic Art and an international group of docents from Germany, France, and Romania. The workshop is structures on several modules (2006, 2007), dealing with themes regarding esthetics, methodology and techniques of performing arts.

The participants to the workshop are people working in the theatre business (actors, directors, playwrights), as well as researchers: linguists, semioticians, psychologists, etc.

The aim of the workshop is to define and practice a post-stanislavskian methodology approach in modern performing arts, meant as an experimental way of knowledge and recognition of the world we live in.

The project is included in the program “Sibiu – European Capital of Culture 2007” and is organized by UNITER – The Theatre Union in Romania, in partnership with Athanor Academy of Dramatic Art (Germany).

The results of the project “In search of existentialist theatre” materialized through the emergence of a first Romanian nucleus of a theatre training and research school, by the identification of a group of artists and a group of researchers to be initiated in the methodological scheme suggested during the project.