Carmen’s Tragedy

A project included in the program “Sibiu – European Capital of Culture” which materialized into the production of the opera show “Carmen’s Tragedy” (“Tragedia lui Carmen”) by Bizet, which maintains the original arias, with prose insertions. The show was rarely staged throughout Europe. „Carmen’s Tragedy” premiered in 1981 at the Les Bouffes du Nord theatre in Paris, directed by Peter Brook and it was produced by the Belfast Opera House in 1993.

There were six shows in Sibiu, in the inner court of the History Museum, with an audience of over 350 for every show.
The show is a variant which maintained the original arias, with prose insertions. The shows were played in French, but the prose insertions were in Romanian.
The viewers who did not find room inside the inner court of the Museum were able to watch a projection of the show on the building’s wall.
The novelty of the project consisted in the modern vision of a classical work, a flexible show organized into unconventional spaces, taking advantage of the cast. A project dedicated to young people, which sustains and promotes the creativity of a new generation of artists.

Marius Constant • Jean-Claude Carriere • Peter Brook
After Georges Bizet • Meilhac et Halévy • Prosper Mérimée

Directed by: Ion Caramitru
Scenography: Maria Miu
Lights: Chris Jaeger

Cast :
Carmen: Oana ANDRA, Florentina-Irina ONICA, Claudia-Andreia DELEANU
Don José: Vlad MIRITA, Razvan SARARU
Escamillo: Iordache BASALIC, Ionut PASCU, Stefan POPOV
Micaela: Mihaela STANCIU, Marta SANDU, Antonia IONITA-RUSENESCU
Zuniga: Silviu BIRIS
Lillas Pastia: Eugen CRISTEA
Garcia: Vasile CALOFIR

Children: Cristian Ispida, Robert Oprea, Alexandru Popa, Liviu Grozav, Sergiu Filip, Costel Florin Busuioc, Robert Gontineac, Ilie Bunescu from the Placement Centre Agarbiciu, communeAxente-Sever, Sibiu county, guided by: nurse Dorina Gosa

Soldiers: Eugen Mares, Marian Mares, Silviu Malutan, Marian Neacsu, Alexandru Enea, Viorel Florea

The Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra, Bucharest
Conductor: Tiberiu Soare
Members of the orchestra: First Violin: (concert maestro) Diana Mos, Second Violin: Francesca Alexandrescu, Viola: Florin Matei, Cello: Bogdan Popa, Double bass: Dinu Petrache, Flute: Gabriela Petecila, Oboe: Cosmin Sperneac, Clarinet: Constantin Urziceanu, Bassoon: Florin Stoica, Horn: Sorin Lupascu, Trumpet: Cristian Nicolae, Trombone: Radu Clipa, Percussion I: Alexandru Sturzu, Harp: Roxana Moisanu, Piano: Gönül Abdula (co-rehearser)

Assistant director: Ionut Corpaci-Teodorescu
Assistant scenography: Veronica Nicolae
linguistic coordination, stage speech, diction: Michaela Caracas