The Helmut Sturmer scenography retrospective

The Helmut Sturmer scenography retrospectiverepresents a visual journey marking the anniversary of 40 years of artistic career of an important European artist whose starting point was in Sibiu.

The project, included in the program “Sibiu – European Capital of Culture”, and organized by UNITER, materialized in an art exhibition (scenography – theatre units – plastic elements) and its itinerary, the editing and publishing of a Helmut Sturmer scenography album-catalog.


The project is structured into the following components:
The Helmut Sturmer retrospective. Taking into account that the artist had his debut in Sibiu, his wish is that the retrospective be initiated here, as a tribute to the city.
The exhibition will consist of about 40 panels (80 x 100 cm) with photos, conception sketches, pictures of scale models, images from the shows organized by the artists in the country and abroad.


As part of a more expanded context of the exhibition, two perimeters will be set up, for the parallel presentation of two theatre-specific units.

Hall 1: “Ophelia’s Grave” – In memoriam Vlad Mugur (“Mormantul Ofeliei” – În memoria lui Vlad Mugur).
A unit – meditation place around a magical grave, inspired from Vlad Mugur’s “Hamlet”. Conception: Helmut Stürmer. Plastic elements and masks: Ilona Varga-Jaro. Video and light design: Frank Stürmer.

Hall 2: „The Bacchants”
“Theatre” objects and props placed in a context which connects antic themes with contemporary art. Conception: Helmut Stürmer and Silviu Purcarete, in collaboration with Vasile Sirli and Iosif Herţea (for the sound effects) and Frank Stürmer (for video, photos and lights). Masks and objects: Ilona Varga-Jaro.

The “Helmut Stürmer – 40 years of scenography” album-catalog”. This album will contain about 250 pages with images, documents, projects for some Romanian and European theatre spaces, illustrative of the development of various types of scenography (sketches, photos of scale models, images from the shows) put together by the artist between 1970 – 2007. The texts accompanying the images will be in Romanian, German and English.