Two European extremes of Latinity: Romanian and Catalan cultures

The Romanian- Catalan project, developed in 2003, intended to emphasize the common Latin roots as a connecting element between two cultures and as a starting point for a Romanian – Catalan collaboration which would create the necessary framework for an original theatrical experiment. Two new plays, signed by two contemporary authors, a Romanian one – Matei Vişniec, and a Spanish one – Sergi Belbel, were scheduled to be staged by two teams of artists from Romania and Spain, and then played, each, in Romanian for the Romanian audience, and in Catalan for the Catalan audience.

Chronicle of an Aborted Sunrise / Paparazzi (Cronica unui răsărit de soare avortat / Paparazzi), by Matei Vişniec
A play staged for the first time in Romania and Spain
With the participation of the following artists: Anca Constantin, Gabriel Gheorghe, Ionuţ Adăscăliţei, Mirela Nicolau and director Bogdan Cioabă

Minim.mal Show, by Sergi Belbel
With the participation of the theatre company of the University in Alicante, “Aula de Teatro”, starring: Marina Torecilla LaFuente, Isabel Gomez Chapparo, Miguel Esteve Garcia, Carlos Garcia de la Cuest and director Juan Luis Mira Candel




The University in Alicante, Spain


The University in Alicante, Spain


“Mihai Eminescu” National Study Centre in Ipoteşti (Botoşani county), “I.L. Caragiale” National University of Performing Arts in Bucharest, “Mihai Eminescu” Theatre in Botoşani, “Vasile Alecsandri” Theatre, “Al. Davilla” Theatre in Piteşti.