Memorable voices and shows

„ Memorable voices and shows” is a multi-annual cultural program aimed at capitalizing the memory of Romanian theatre: an original initiative towards achieving, safekeeping, disseminating, and showcasing great theatre shows no longer included in the current repertoire. These plays become radio shows and hence are audio-transposed, true to their original artistic message

CDs released so far

  1. “Philanderers of the Olden Court” (“Craii de Curtea Veche”)
    by Mateiu Caragiale, a production of  Nottara Theatre, starring Alexandru Repan
  2. “The Other Cioran” (“Celălalt Cioran”)
    a production of the National Theatre in Bucharest, a reading – workshop conducted by George Banu and Radu Penciulescu,
    starring: Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, Silviu Biriş, Oana Vânătoru, Liviu Lucaci and pianist Mihaela Vâlcea
  3. “Rameau’s Nephew” (“Nepotul lui Rameau”)
    by Denis Diderot, a production of Bulandra Theatre,
    directed by: David Esrig, starring Marin Moraru and Gheorghe Dinică
  4. “How the years have passed” (“Trecut-au anii”)
    after Mihai Eminescu, starring: Valeria Seciu, Ion Caramitru, Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan and Aurelian Octav Popa (clarinetist)
  5. “The queen Mom” (“Regina mamă”) by Manlio Santanelli, a production of the National Theatre in Bucharest, starring: Olga Tudorache and Valeriu Popescu. Directed by: Gelu Colceag.
  6. Iona”, by Marin Sorescu, a production of the National Theatre in Craiova, starring: Ilie Gheorghe;
  7. “Jazz dialogues and fantasies” (”Dialoguri şi fantezii în jazz”), a show starring Ion Caramitru and Johnny Răducanu

Organizer / Initiator:

UNITER – The Theatre Union in Romania


Romanian Broadcasting Society


Ministry of Culture and Cults through the National Cultural Fund, UNITER