Project “Citadel”, included in the program “Sibiu – European Capital of Culture 2007”, is organized by UNITER, in partnership with “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu, and Sibiu International Theatre Festival, “Lucian Blaga” University (the department of Acting), Abracadabra Foundation and the Cultural Association for Performing arts in Buzau.

The project aims at using PLAY in order to recreate the cultural space of Sighişoara, Sebeş, Apold, Rupea, Nocrich and Orastie citadels.

The project materializes into a group of workshops, exhibitions, theatre units, identification and readings, children’s shows, debates on cultural reality and national identity within the European context.

The first part of the project consisted in the on-site research carried out in the 6 settlements, in order to collect data referring to the identity of the citadels involved in the project, the structure of the inhabitants surrounding the citadels, identification of habits and guilds which can be re-activated, the local specificity from a cultural, educational and social point of view.

The second part of the project consisted in interactive representations for children (ages 6 – 14).