Models to prevent the effects of aging

The intends to lay the bases of a community network which would promote practical models to prevent and fight against the effects of aging. It addresses all professional and social categories and it is developed by retired artists, beneficiaries of “The Artist’s Home” program.
The project is financed by the Royal Dutch Embassy in Bucharest through the MATRA program and takes place between January 15 – August 15, 2004

To make the transition from the active life to the retirement period easier, any elder person has to continue his or her activity, to find new activities, discover new passions and hobbies which couldn’t be put into practice during the active life, to be introduced in the local social life, to take part in charity and associative activities, and other types of activities which will diminish self-compassion and increase self-esteem. In Romania, the education regarding this subject is not at all appropriate, the general attitude towards retirement being that “there’s nothing left to do, life is over and there’s no way I can be useful anymore unless I can help my children”. Retirement is hard to accept, especially by those who had a very active and intense life, with a lot of responsibilities.

Activities of the project

  • Creation of a database regarding the ways of spending free time and the role of maintaining an active life to prevent and fight against the effects of aging
  • 3-day seminar, 25 participants
  • Editing a publication which would represent a handy information source for the retired persons in the capital city.