Edition 3

The awards for 1993/1994 theatre season
APRIL 1995 – Great Hall of the “I.L.Caragiale” Theatre in Bucharest.
THE NOMINATIONS for the 1993-1994 UNITER AWARDS were made by a selection JURY made up of the following critics: Alice Georgescu, Marian Popescu and Victor Scoradet.
The final JURY, which designates the WINNERS OF THE UNITER AWARDS from these nominations, is made up of: Cristina Dumitrescu (theatre critic), Mihai Fotino (actor), Florica Ichim (theatre critic), Dan C. Mihailescu (literary critic), Ioana Prodan (TV editor), Victor Rebengiuc (actor), Dumitru Solomon (playwright).


The Award for Best Show

  • Dibuk by S. Anski, directed by: Catalina Buzoianu, State Jewish Theatre
  • A Winter’s Tale (Poveste de iarna) by W. Shakespeare, directed by: Alexandru Darie, Bulandra Theatre
  • Satyricon after Petronius, directed by: Victor Ioan Frunza, National Theatre, Targu Mures – WINNER

The Award for Best Director

  • Catalina Buzoianu for the shows Dibuk by S. Anski (State Jewish Theatre) and The Seagull  (Pescarusul) by A.P.Chekhov (The Small Theatre) – WINNER
  • Alexandru Darie for the show A Winter’s Tale (Poveste de iarna) by W. Shakespeare (L.S.Bulandra Theatre)
  • Victor Ioan Frunza for the shows Satyricon after Petronius and Tom Paine by Paul Foster (National Theatre, Targu Mures)

The Award for Best Actor

  • Radu Amzulescu for the part Volodin in the show Demonul Meschin by F. Sologub (Odeon Theatre)
  • Mihai Constantin for the part Leontis in the show A Winter’s Tale (Poveste de iarna) (L.S.Bulandra Theatre) – WINNER
  • Cristian Iacob for the parts Treplev in the show The Seagull (Pescarusul) by A.P.Chekhov and Young Peer Gynt in the show Peer Gynt by H. Isben, directed by Stefan Iordanescu (The Small Theatre)

The Award for Best Actress

  • Maia Morgenstern for the part Lola Blau in the show Tonight: Lola Blau (Asta seara Lola Blau), by G. Kreisler, directed by Alexandru Dabija (State Jewish Theatre) – WINNER
  • Oana Pellea for the parts Mamilius-Time-Perdita in the show A Winter’s Tale (Poveste de iarna) (Bulandra Theatre)
  • Valeria Seciu for the part Arkadina in the show The Seagull (Pescarusul), de A.P.Chekhov (The Small Theatre)

The Award for Best Scenography

  • Constantin Ciubotaru for the shows With the Gypsy Girls (La tiganci) after Mircea Eliade, directed by Alexander Hausvater and The Petty Demon (Demonul meschin) by F. Sologub, directed by Adrian Giurgea (Odeon Theatre)
  • Maria Miu for the show A Winter’s Tale (Poveste de iarna) (L.S.Bulandra Theatre)
  • Adriana Grand for the shows Satyricon and Tom Paine (National Theatre, Targu Mures) – WINNER

The Award fot Theatre Critique


The Award for Debut

  • Balasz Attila for the part Giton in the show Satyricon (National Theatre, Targu Mures)
  • Beatrice Bleont for directing the show The Merry Wives of Windsor (Nevestele vesele din Windsor) by W. Shakespeare (Sica Alexandrescu Dramatic Theatre, Brasov)
  • Nona Ciobanu for directing the show The Love of the Three Oranges (Dragostea celor trei portocale) by Carlo Gozii (The Small Theatre) – WINNER

The Award for Radio Theatre

  • The Pits in Bucharest (Prapastiile BUCHARESTlor) by Matei Millo, directed by: Mihai Lungeanu – WINNER
  • Faust by Cr. Marlowe, directed by: Cristian Munteanu
  • In a Belated Tomis (Intr-un Tomis intarziat) by Claudiu Iordache, directed by: Adrian Pintea

The Award for TV Theatre

  • The Messenger (Mesagerul) after Mircea Eliade, directed by: Constantin Dicu – WINNER
  • The Cell of the Missing Poet (Celula poetului disparut) by Iosif Naghiu, directed by: Silviu Jicman
  • Trees Die Standing (Copacii mor in picioare) by Alejandro Casona, directed by: Eugen Todoran

The Award for Excellence


The Award for Lifelong Achievement

  • actor: MARIN MORARU
  • scenographer: DOINA LEVINTA
  • actress: OLGA TUDORACHE
  • director: ANDREI SERBAN
  • theatre history: ION ZAMFIRESCU

The Award for Best Romanian Play of the Year 1994

  • Granted to the winner of the contest Best Romanian Play of the Year, a UNITER program financed by THE PRINCESS MARGARET OF ROMANIA FOUNDATION: The Prank (Farsa) by RAZVAN PETRESCU

The Award for Originality

  • Iosif Hertea, for the music of the show “The Luminous Week” (Saptamana luminata) by Mihai Saulescu, directed by Mihai Maniutiu (National Theatre, Cluj-Napoca)

The Diploma for Best Production of Theatre Schools

  • The shows “Tom Paine“ by P. Foster and “Tartuffe“ by Moliere, staged by the Hungarian Section, coordinated by senior lecturer Kovads Levente, of the Theatre Academy in Targu Mures.