Edition 11

The awards for the year 2002
April 2003 – Great Hall of the National Theatre, Bucharest
THE NOMINATIONS for the 2002 UNITER AWARDS were made by a selection JURY made up of the following critics: Marian Popescu, Miruna Runcan, Octavian Saiu
The final JURY, which designates the WINNERS OF THE UNITER AWARDS from these nominations, is made up of: Stefan Iordanescu – director, Lia Mantoc – scenographer, Mariana Mihut – actress, Doina Papp – critic, Ion Parhon – critic.


The Award for Best Show

  • White Flame, Black Flame (Flacara alba, flacara neagra (Dybbuk) by S. Anski, directed by: David Zinder, State Hungarian Theatre, Cluj
  • Othello?!, free adaptation after Shakespeare, directed by: Andry Zholdak, „Radu Stanca“ Theatre, Sibiu – WINNER
  • The King Dies (Regele moare) by Eugen Ionescu, directed by: Victor Ioan Frunza, Theatrum Mundi Bucharest

The Award for Best Director

  • Radu Afrim for the show „Algae“ after “The House of Bernarda Alba” („Casa Bernardei Alba“) by Federico Garcia Lorca, “Andrei Muresanu“ Theatre, Sfantu Gheorghe
  • Victor Ioan Frunza for the show “The King Dies” („Regele moare“) by Eugen Ionescu, Theatrum Mundi Bucharest
  • Mihai Maniutiu for the show “Exactly at the same time” („Exact in acelasi timp“) by Gellu Naum, National Theatre, Cluj – WINNER

The Award for Best Actor

  • Constantin Cojocaru for the parts „Leonida“ in “Mr Leonida Confronting the Reaction” („Conu’ Leonida fata cu reactiunea“) and „Zoia“ in “The Jabberers” („Gaitele“), Odeon Theatre, Bucharest
  • Florin Piersic jr. for the part in „Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll“,Luni Theatre from Green Hours Bucharest – WINNER
  • Marius Bodochi for the part„Beranger I/The King“ in “The King Dies” („Regele moare“), Theatrum Mundi Bucharest

The Award for Best Actress

  • Irina Movila for the part„Veta“ in “A Stormy Night” („O noapte furtunoasa“), „I.L.Caragiale“ National Theatre, Bucharest
  • Ioana Gajdo for the part„Bernarda“ in „Algae“, „Andrei Muresanu“ Theatre, Sfantu Gheorghe
  • Imola Kezdi for the part„Lea“ in “White Flame, Black Flame” („Flacara alba, Flacara neagra (Dybbuk), State Hungarian Theatre, Cluj – WINNER

The Award for Best Scenography

  • Dragos Buhagiar for the shows “The Alchimist” („Alchimistul“), Odeon Theatre Bucharest and „Baal”, The Small Theatre, Bucharest – WINNER
  • Adriana Grand for the show “The King Dies” („Regele moare“), Theatrum Mundi Bucharest
  • Kolio Karamfilov for the show „Othello?!“, „Radu Stanca“ Theatre, Sibiu

The Award fot Theatre Critique

  • Victor Scoradet for the program “The Act of Reading” („Actul lecturii“) at the  ACT Theatre, Bucharest
  • Mircea Morariu for the volume „Sur l’effet de spectacle“ (On the effect of the show), Library of the Familia (The Family) magazine, Oradea
  • Sebastian Vlad Popa for the conception and development of „Okean“ magazine- WINNER

The Award for Debut

  • Theodora Campineanu for directing the show “A Stormy Night” („O noapte furtunoasa sar nr.9“) by I.L.Caragiale, „L.S.Bulandra” Theatre, Bucharest – WINNER
  • Ana Margineanu for directing the show “Waste” („Deseuri“) after “The Decomposed Theatre” („Teatru descompus“) by Matei Visniec, Luni Theatre from Green Hours Bucharest
  • Marius Manole for the part„Paulie“ in the show “Straight as a line” („Drept ca o linie“) by Luis Alfaro, “Maria Filotti“ Theatre, Braila

The Award for Radio Theatre

  • The Jabberers (Gaitele) by Al. Kiritescu, directed by: Dan Puican
  • Augias’ Stables (Grajdurile lui Augias) by Emil Lungeanu, directed by: Mihai Lungeanu
  • Tears of Blood (Lacrimi de sange) by Costin Manoliu, directed by: Gavril Pinte – WINNER

The Award for TV Theatre

  • It Happens during the Carnival (D’ale carnavalului) by I.L.Caragiale, National Theatre for Television, directed by: Dominic Dembinski
  • The Last Stop in Paradise (Ultima halta in paradis) by Valentin Nicolau, National Theatre for Television, directed by: Alexandru Tocilescu
  • Inspections and Situations (Inspectiune si Situatiunea) by I.L.Caragiale, TVR Publicity Department, directed by: Cornel Mihalache – WINNER

The Award for Excellence

  • not awarded

The Award for Lifelong Achievement

  • scenographer: arh THEDORA DINULESCU
  • actress: IRINA PETRESCU
  • director: HOREA POPESCU
  • theatre critic: Prof. dr. MICHAELA TONITZA IORDACHE

The Award for Best Romanian Play of the Year 2001

  • Granted to the winner of the contest Best Romanian Play of the Year, a UNITER program financed by THE PRINCESS MARGARET OF ROMANIA FOUNDATION: “Our father who are in the supermarket” („Tatal nostru care esti in supermarket“) by Petre Barbu

Special Award for Circus Performance

  • Traian Ganea

Special Award for Children’s Theatre

  • Daniela Anencov

The Maecenas Award


Special award for Puppet Theatre

  • Dorina Tanasescu

Special Award for revue theatre

  • Jean Constantin

Special Award for choreography in performing arts

  • Miriam Raducanu

Special Award for performance in non-verbal theatre

  • Dan Puric and the „PASSE-PARTOUT“ Company

Special Award granted by the President of UNITER

  • To Mrs Elena Deleanu

The following awards were also granted during the Gala:

  • The award for best staging of a contemporary British play, granted by the british Council: “Stones in my pocket” („Pietre in buzunar”) by Marie Jones, directed by: Attila Kerestely, State Hungarian Theatre, Cluj
  • The Romanian Section of the International Association of Theatre Critics has awarded:

The Critics’ Awards for 2002 to the stage manager VICTOR IOAN FRUNZA and to scenographer ADRIANA GRAND for the brilliant exegesis of Eugene Ionescu’s universe in the shows “The King Dies” („Regele moare“) (Theatrum Mundi Bucharest) and “The Lesson” („Lectia“) („Csiky Gergely“ State Theatre, Timisoara)

The Special Awards for the Caragiale Anniversary Year to director Felix Alexa for the originality in staging a classical play in the show “A Stormy Night” („O noapte furtunoasa“) („I.L.Caragiale“ National Theatre, Bucharest)