Edition 6

The awards for 1996/1997 theatre season
APRIL 1998 – Great Hall of the “I.L.Caragiale” Theatre in Bucharest.
THE NOMINATIONS for the 1996-1997 UNITER AWARDS were made by a selection JURY made up of the following critics: Magdalena Boiangiu, Alice Georgescu and Dumitru Solomon
The final JURY, which designates the WINNERS OF THE UNITER AWARDS from these nominations, is made up of: Florica Ichim (theatre critic), Victor Parhon (theatre critic), Adriana Popescu (theatre critic), Dumitru Solomon (playwright), Julieta Tintea (theatre critic).


The Award for Best Show

  • A Handkerchief on the Danube (O batista in Dunare) by D.R.Popescu, directed by: Ion Cojar, I.L.Caragiale National Theatre
  • Hamlet by W. Shakespeare, directed by: Tomba Gabor, National Theatre, Craiova
  • The Venetian Twins (Doi gemeni venetieni) by Carlo Goldoni, directed by: Vlad Mugur, Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj-Napoca – WINNER

The Award for Best Director

  • Ion Cojar for the show “A Handkerchief on the Danube” („O batista in Dunare“) by D.R.Popescu (I.L.Caragiale National Theatre)
  • Tompa Gabor for the show ”Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare (National Theatre, Craiova) – WINNER
  • Vlad Mugur for the show “The Venetian Twins” (“Doi gemeni venetieni“) by Carlo Goldoni (Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj-Napoca)

The Award for Best Actor

  • Horatiu Malaele for the parts K. Müller in the show “Where’s the gun?” („Unde-i revolverul?“) by Görgey Gábor (Nottara Theatre) and Wally Murdoch in the show “The Coffe Shop” („Cafeneaua”) after Sam Bobrik and Ron Clark (L.S.Bulandra Theatre) – WINNER
  • ADRIAN PINTEA for the part Hamlet in the show “Hamlet“ by William Shakespeare (National Theatre, Craiova)
  • Dorel Visan for the leading part in the show “Falstaff“ by W. Shakespeare (National Theatre, Cluj-Napoca)

The Award for Best Actress

  • Farkas Ibolya for the part Mária in the show “The Meeting” („Intalnirea“) by Nádas Péter (National Theatre, Targu Mures)
  • Irina Mazanitis for the part Anna Petrovna in the show “Don Juan à la russe“ by A.P.Chekhov (Odeon Theatre) – WINNER
  • Rodica Tapalaga for the part Mrs Toothe in the show “Everything in the garden” („Totul in gradina“), de Edward Albee (L.S.Bulandra Theatre)

The Award for Best Scenography

  • Doina Antemir and Puiu Antemir for the show “Tartuffe“ by Molière (Sica Alexandrescu Dramatic Theatre, Brasov)
  • Constantin Ciuboraru for the show “The Beggar” („Cersetorul“) de Reinhard-Johannes Sorge (National Theatre, Timisoara)
  • François Pamfil for the show “Maybe, Eleonora…” („Poate, Eleonora…“) by Gelu Naum (Theatrum Mundi) – WINNER

The Award fot Theatre Critique


The Award for Debut

  • Vlad Massaci for directing the show “Three Tall Women” („Trei femei inalte“), by Edward Albee (The Comedy Theatre)
  • Crina Matei for the part Polly in the show “The Three Penny Opera” („Opera de trei parale“) by Bertolt Brecht (Odeon Theatre)
  • Sebestyén Aba for the part Young man in the show The Meeting („Intalnirea“) de Nádas Péter (National Theatre, Targu Mures, Hungarian section) – WINNER

The Award for Radio Theatre

  • A Story about Felixandra (Poveste despre Felixandra) by Dan Mihu, directed by: Mihai Lungeanu
  • The Election Chronicle (Cronica electorala)by Anca Delia Comaneanu, directed by: Leonard Popovici
  • The Circus is Gone, the Lions have stayed (Circul a plecat, leii au ramas) by Andrzej Mularczyk, directed by: Dan Puican – WINNER

The Award for TV Theatre

  • The Game of Life and Death in the Ash Desert (Jocul vietii si al mortii in desertul de cenusa) after Horia Lovinescu, directed by: Olimpia Arghir
  • The Beautiful Insane of the Big Cities (Frumosii nebuni ai marilor orase) by Constantin Dicu afer the novel with the same title written by Fanus Neagu, directed by: Constantin Dicu
  • The Airing (Aerisirea), written by Iosif Naghiu and Silviu Jicman, directed by: Silviu Jicman – WINNER

The Award for Excellence

  • LEOPOLDINA BALANUTA, MARIANA MIHUT, ILEANA STANA IONESCU for their exceptional interpretation of the parts in “A Handkerchief on the Danube” by D.R.Popescu (I.L.Caragiale National Theatre)

The Award for Lifelong Achievement

  • scenographer: T.TH.CIUPE
  • actress: DINA COCEA
  • director: VALERIU MOISESCU
  • theatre critic: FLORICA ICHIM

The Award for Best Romanian Play of the Year 1997

Granted to the winner of the contest Best Romanian Play of the Year, a UNITER program financed by THE PRINCESS MARGARET OF ROMANIA FOUNDATION: „”My C/Country” (T/Tara mea“) by Radu Macrinici

The Diploma for Best Production of Theatre Schools

  • The show The arrival of Spring (Desteptarea primaverii) by Frank Wedekind, directed by: Ana Maria Colteanu (4th year student, class of Prof. Catalina Buzoianu), Casandra Studio, The Academy for Theatre and Film, Bucharest.

The Award for Life Achievement dedicated to children’s theatre

  • Alexandrina Halic

The Award for Best theatre Manager

  • Awarded by THE BRITISH COUNCIL to Mr. EMIL BOROGHINA (Manager of the National Theatre in Craiova)