Edition 4

The awards for 1994/1995 theatre season
APRIL 1996 – Great Hall of the “I.L.Caragiale” Theatre in Bucharest.
THE NOMINATIONS for the 1994-1995 UNITER AWARDS were made by a selection JURY made up of the following critics: Doru Mares, Sebastian Vlad Popa and Victor Scoradet


The Award for Best Show

  • Zhao the Orphan (Orfanul Zhao) by Ji Junxiang, directed by: Alexandru Dabija, Tineretului Theatre, Piatra Neamt – WINNER
  • The Seagull (Pelicanul) by A. Strinberg, directed by: Catalina Buzoianu, Levant Theatre
  • Three Sisters (Trei surori) by A.P.Chekhov, directed by: Alexandru Darie, Bulandra Theatre

The Award for Best Director

  • Catalina Buzoianu for the show The Seagull (Pelicanul) by A. Strinberg (Levant Theatre)
  • Alexandru Darie for the show “Three Sisters” („Trei surori“) by A.P.Chekhov (L.S. Bulandra Theatre) – WINNER
  • Dragos Galgotiu for the shows „Troilus and Cressida“ by W. Shakespeare (The Comedy Theatre) and “Lulu” by Fr. Wedekind (Odeon Theatre)

The Award for Best Actor

  • Claudiu Bleont for the part Mercutio in the show “Romeo and Juliet“ by William Shakespeare (I.L.Caragiale National Theatre)
  • Florin Mircea for the parts Kalosin and Anciughin in the show Provincial Anecdotes” („Anecdote provinciale“) by A. Vampilov (Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre, Iasi) – WINNER
  • Mircea Rusu for the part Axel in the show „Pelicanul“ by A. Strinberg (Levant Theatre)

The Award for Best Actress

  • Luminita Gheorghiu for the part Olga in the show Three Sisters („Trei surori“) by A.P.Chekhov (L.S. Bulandra Theatre)
  • Valeria Seciu for the part Mama in the show The Seagull („Pelicanul“) by A. Strinberg (Levant Theatre) – WINNER
  • Liliana Popovici for the part Claire in the show The Maids („Cameristele“) by J. Genet (State Theatre, Arad)

The Award for Best Scenography

  • Vittorio Holtier for the show „Troilus and Cressida“ (The Comedy Theatre)
  • Lia Mantoc for the show The Seagull („Pelicanul“) by A. Strinberg (Levant Theatre)
  • Irina Solomon and Dragos Buhagiar, for the shows Zhao the Orphan („Orfanul Zhao“) (Tineretului Theatre, Piatra Neamt) and „Roberto Zucco“  by B.M.Koltes (I.L.Caragiale National Theatre) – WINNER

The Award fot Theatre Critique


The Award for Debut

  • Damian Oancea for the part Roberto Zucco in the show „Roberto Zucco“ by B.M.Koltes (I.L.Caragiale National Theatre)
  • Bogdan Voicu for directing the show “A Picnic on the Battlefied” („Picnic pe campul de lupta“) by F. Arrabal, (Andrei Muresanu Theatre, Sfantu Gheorghe)
  • Vlad Zamfirescu for the part Frederick in the show The Seagull („Pelicanul“) by A. Strinberg (Levant Theatre) – WINNER

The Award for Radio Theatre

  • „Adam and Eve“ by Liviu Rebreanu, directed by: Leonard Popovici – WINNER
  • “The Devil’s Violinist” („Scripcarul diavolului“) after O’Neill, adapted and directed by: Mircea Albulescu
  • “Searching through the ashes” („Rascolind cenusa“) by Djordje Leibovici, directed by: Mihai Lungeanu

The Award for TV Theatre

  • “As You Like It” („Cum va place“) by William Shakespeare, directed by: Olimpia Arghir
  • „Don Carlos“ by Fr. Schiller, directed by: Eugen Todoran WINNER
  • “A Personality Transfer” („Transfer de personalitate“) by Dumitru Solomon, directed by: Silviu Jicman

The Award for Excellence


The Award for Lifelong Achievement

  • theatre critic: NICOLAE CARANDINO
  • scenographer: LUCU ANDREESCU
  • actress: ILEANA PEDRESCU
  • director: ION COJAR

The Award for Best Romanian Play of the Year 1995

  • Granted to the winner of the contest Best Romanian Play of the Year, a UNITER program financed by THE PRINCESS MARGARET OF ROMANIA FOUNDATION: “The Repeatable Balcony Scene” („Repetabila scena a balconului“) by DUMITRU SOLOMON

The Diploma for Best Production of Theatre Schools is awarded to THE ACTING DEPARTMENT from the Academy for Theatre and Film, Bucharest, for the shows “Hatmanul Baltag“, directed by Sanda Manu and “Jacques or the Submission “, directed by Gelu Colceag.

The Award of the “Alternative” Foundation

  • Horatiu Mihaiu for directing the show “17 acts with Pet Mondriano” (17 acte cu Pet Mondriano“) (National Theatre, Cluj-Napoca)