THE UNITER AWARDS GALA for the year 2009

April 19, 2010, 18th edition

1.As a program of national interest, the UNITER Awards Gala is a permanent program of the Romanian Association of Theatre Artists.

2.For the year 2009, the period under analysis is from January to December 2009.

3.Conceived as a celebration of Romanian Theatre, the program highlights the most significant theatre productions of the year 2009, offering Awards for the exceptional creativity manifested during this period,  and the lifelong achievement of some valuable artists.

4.The Gala is organized as a show following along the lines of the major international award ceremonies (the Oscars, Cesars, Crystal Globes, etc.), with major cultural personalities, artists, political figures, both national and international, handing the UNITER awards to the winners during the ceremony.

5.Actor Ion Caramitru is the Founder and Director of this Program. For each edition, he decides upon the team he will work with to organize the Gala and appoints the two juries of the Gala.

6.The organizers of the Gala, who can also be partners, assume full responsibility for the well consecution of the Gala, according to its purpose stated at points 1, 2, 3 above, and for finding appropriate financial resources for this program.

7.The Awards of the UNITER Gala are granted according to the following procedures:

a.votes from the UNITER Senate: the Award for Excellence; the Award for lifelong achievement (actor, actress, director, scenographer, theatre critic or historian) and the special awards. Each year, the Senate will decide upon the special awards. For the year 2009, the special awards will be decided upon by the Uniter Senate, taking into account a number of exceptional artistic activities that did not necessarily take place only during the course of 2009.

  1. nominations made by a jury appointed by the Director of the Gala. This jury consists of professionals in the field of performing arts – theatre critics – who will designate the nominees for each Award. The nominations are based on the theatre productions of 2009 and are decided upon entirely by the members of the jury. The jury has full autonomy in choosing the shows to view, while Uniter has to ensure the logistics means related to the jury’s entire activity. The nominees are then viewed by a second jury who, on the night of the Gala, right before the beginning of the ceremony, deliberates and designates the winner for each Award.  The name of the winner is placed in a sealed envelope, and read right on the scene during the Gala. The awards are secret until they are read on the scene (the members of the jury are constrained by the regulations not to make public the results of their deliberations). The following awards are offered based on nominations: best show, best director, best scenography, best actor in a leading part, best actress in a leading part, best actor in a supporting part, best actress in a supporting part, the award for radio theatre, and the award for debut. All these awards take into account the artistic activity of the year 2009.
  2. the Award for Best Romanian Play of the Year is granted following the Best play of the year contest  (a distinct program of UNITER). This award is handed by the Contest organizers during the UNITER Awards Gala. This award is the result of the deliberation of a different jury.
  3. The following awards are also granted during the night of the Gala

– The Maecenas Award – granted by the Director of the Gala and the President of UNITER

– Other anniversary awards decided upon by the UNITER Senate.

  1. The only one who can decide for other awards to be granted during this ceremony is the Director of the UNITER Awards Gala.

9.The date and place of the UNITER Awards Gala, the personalities invited to hand out the awards,  as well as other organizational details related to the Gala are decided upon by the Director of the UNITER Awards Gala, or following his agreement.