The UNITER Awards Gala

THE UNITER AWARDS GALA is one of the most important programs of the Threatre Union, initiated and coordinated by Ion Caramitru.

THE UNITER AWARDS GALA is organized every year, starting with 1991, and it awards the Theatre Union’s distinctions for the previous calendar year. The awards are given according to the principle of nominations made by a selection jury. From these nominations, another jury will decide, on the night of the Gala, by secret vote, the winner of each award.

THE UNITER AWARDS are given for:

  • Best Show
  • Best Director
  • Best Scenographer
  • Best Actor in a Leading Part
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Part
  • Best Actress in a Leading Part
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Part
  • Theatre Critique
  • Radio Theatre
  • TV Theatre
  • Debut

The UNITER Senate also awards:

  • The Award for Lifelong Achievement in scenography, theatre history and critique, actress, actor, director.
  • Special awards for circus performance, children’s theatre, choreography in performing arts, puppet theatre, revue theatre, theatre music, and non-verbal performance
  • The Award for Excellence

Awards offered during the Gala:

  • The MAECENAS Award
  • The UNITER President Special Award
  • The British Council award.

The trophy that accompanies the awards was designed by the plastic artist ION BITZAN.

THE UNITER AWARDS GALA, year after year, by the extent and way in which it was organized, has become one of the most important events of our theatrical world. The excellent collaboration with the Romanian Television – National TV Theatre, the Department for Music and Entertainment, and the Romania Cultural Radio Station of the Romanian Broadcasting Company makes it possible for the Gala to be broadcast live on TV and radio.